Bowen with Rhonda
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Rhonda Sexton is a Somerset based Bowen Technique practitioner who moved to Minehead in December 1999 with her husband and two cats. She discovered the technique when she suffered a neck injury playing badminton, and after trying a few different complementary therapies that didn't seem to take away the pain she was finally introduced to Bowen. Her pain disappeared after the second treatment and has not reoccurred since.


Impressed that such a gentle, hands on, relaxing treatment can be so effective, Rhonda decided to become a practitioner herself and trained with the European College of Bowen Studies. She qualified in 2003 and has been practising Bowen ever since.

Since qualifying as a Bowen Technique Practitioner, Rhonda has also trained to help animals with emotional, behavioural and physical problems as well. Always having a great affinity with animals, she has been equally amazed at how receptive they are and has enjoyed gaining their trust along the way.

Bowen move on the chest


Her clients range from children to a 95 year old. As there are no contraindications with Bowen it is safe to perform on anyone. Over the years, Rhonda has also helped people with arthritis, rheumatism, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, ME and emphysemia.