Bowen with Rhonda
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Pet Testimonials

Woody first came to see Rhonda when he developed a limp and seemed to be suffering with a painful shoulder. Woody seemed to relax under Rhonda’s gentle movements over his back and legs. Once the treatment was over and Woody was back at home, he slept fairly heavily on and off over the next 24 hours. During the next few days, he began to walk much more comfortably and was no longer limping. In fact, after a couple of days he was full of energy and running normally. Since this time, Woody has rarely had any injuries but if he does then I know that Rhonda will be able to get him back to full health again.

H. Geilinger, Winsford


Flash has been with us for almost a year, having re-homed her from Blue Cross where she had been for some time and with the RSPCA kennels for over a year previously. Flash had been re-homed before and each time had been returned to kennels. She is a gorgeous, 8 year old Welsh Border Collie. Very intelligent and affectionate. She has always been anxious with fireworks and the weekly refuse collection, however over the last few months this had become so extreme that everything seemed to upset her, she would constantly pace and hyper-ventilate. It was getting to the point where we were cautious leaving her alone and were growing increasingly concerned about her physical and mental welfare. Rhonda’s husband mentioned that Rhonda was a Bowen Technique practitioner and suggested we had a chat with her. Bearing in mind Flash had never been off the lead since she had been with us, frequently crept upstairs to sleep in our bedroom and was a very stressed and anxious dog. Flash has now had four short sessions with Rhonda. Flash is always pleased to see her and following a few games settles for the treatment. We don’t understand how it works, or what happens but all we can say is that Flash is now off the lead more than on it, she is far more settled, rarely paces or pants anymore, sleeps downstairs on her bed and is a much more chilled dog.

P Gibbs, Williton


Missy was a small dog with a big fear. She came to us from a rescue centre so we have no idea what happened to her as a young pup, just that she was taken from mum too early and was very poorly and had to have 3 weeks of intensive veterinary treatment.

She was socialised with people and other dogs and appeared to be doing well but after her inoculations when she could walk her attitude changed and she started to display fear aggression. She would growl and snap at other dogs when she met them and then started to lunge and try to bite children. None of this behaviour was acceptable.

I took her to training classes and they tried to show me methods of distraction but her aggression got worse; we started to give her Bach Flower Rescue Remedy which did have a limited benefit. When I was told that Bowen technique might be beneficial I was curious and looking for anything that would benefit Missy and her fear.

At the first appointment Missy appeared hyperactive but showed no aggression. During the treatment she was uncomfortable around her back end but coped with the movements well until Rhonda tried to perform them around her muzzle, then she turned into the distressed puppy we knew. The hardest thing following the treatment was not stroking her for the rest of the day, but we allowed her to sleep for a few hours after. Over the next few days we noticed that her 'attacks' became less frequent and less aggressive. Instead of the 'red mist' anger that had previously engulfed her we were able to break the barking and distract her enough to get her to stop barking and receive praise. At home she went on walks and met other dogs and seemed to be happier but was still showing signs of not wanting to greet dogs bigger than her.

She had another treatment a week or so later and this time she knew what was coming and was not happy, but Rhonda worked through and completed the treatment. Again Missy slept for a few hours. The improvement was noticeable again! Instead of barking at the windows she now sat looking outside watching the world go by! She went to a new dog trainer and met other dogs and was much better behaved. She did snap at a boisterous puppy when he jumped on her but she greeted other dogs in a much more polite manner. She is now learning to walk on a lead, as previously she just tried to run in every direction and kept jumping up to be carried as she was so scared. She no longer tries to bite people walking past her and today she has been to a children's football match and a walk through town and has behaved beautifully! Thank you so much for your help with my little scared dog! She is so much happier and calmer; and so am !!!

Vicki and Ian