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Bowen Technique Testimonials

Two years ago I suffered a head injury, which left me with recurring headaches. I also had sinus problems and occasional sciatica. Tired of having to resort to painkillers too frequently, I decided to try the Bowen Technique as it sounded less invasive than other treatments.

The difference it has made has been remarkable, even after the first treatment I felt so much better. The headaches have gone, the sinuses have cleared and I feel so much better generally.
The two sessions that I have had have left me feeling much more positive and able to cope.

P. Senior. Alcombe

After more than ten years of steadily increasing pain associated with osteoarthritis and related loss of muscle tone I was recommended to try Bowen. I was amazed and impressed at how much improvement was made in a relatively short time. Marked improvement was felt, mainly in my knees whereby stairs were no longer something to be dreaded. Pains in my lower back and shoulders were eased and a flexibility not known in 10 to 15 years was regained. Long standing poor sleep patterns were readjusted, leading to much healthier and restful nights.

P. Thompson. Minehead

Having suffered with sciatica for 4 months it was suggested I try Bowen. I had already had a total of 18 treatments with a physiotherapist and a chiropractor but they could not help me.
After the first treatment of Bowen 80% of my pain had gone, which meant no more vast amounts of pain killers. I can now sleep at night and also no more time off work due to the none stop pain I had. I would highly recommend Bowen as it has worked so well for me.

P. Martin. Dunster

Since her 1st birthday my 4 year old daughter Charlotte has suffered from roughly 20 ear infections. I had tried quite a few things to help prevent anymore occurring but to no avail. I then read about Bowen and thought we'd give it a go..and we are so glad we did. Charlotte has had one treatment a month for the past 6 months, in which time she has not developed another infection. This has had great knock on affects with her hearing, improvement in her speech and therefore her confidence. I cannot thank Rhonda enough, Charlotte always looks forward to her 'massage' from Rhonda!

Charlotte's mum

I was very sceptical of the Bowen Technique, but decided to give it a try as it had helped other members of my family. I arrived at my first treatment with a permanent headache. I had lower back pain taking eight pain killers a day. I also used my inhaler three times a day for asthma. My neck, shoulders and elbow were also painful and I could not sleep on my right side at night.

After the first treatment no more headaches. My back was put into alignment so that I was able to bend and touch my toes. I was therefore able to reduce my painkillers to two per day. My breathing has improved and I only use my inhaler at night. Two more treatments followed and my neck, shoulders and elbow pain also disappeared.

I have been telling everyone about Bowen, even my doctor, who was very impressed.

M. Powes. Carhampton

I have suffered with active rheumatism from birth with aching joints and pain in my muscles. No one could relieve me of pain for too long, just short periods at a time.
When a friend suggested Bowen because it had helped her I decided to give it a try. After two sessions I could sleep better and also had longer periods where I was pain free.

M. Alcombe.

I have had ME for many years now. I have found Bowen very beneficial, helping me to function on a basic day to day level. It helps to alleviate muscle pain and headaches, improves my energy levels and has a general balancing effect doth for mind and body.

K. Bartell. Minehead.

I tried the Bowen Technique after having suffered a fall from a ladder when I damaged my (already painful) tennis elbow, lower back and shoulders. I had already been to my GP who recommended some exercises but these did not help. After only one Bowen session I was greatly improved and at the end of the treatments not only was I pain-free but also other problems I had were much better - namely asthma, damaged ankle, irritable bowel and tennis elbow.

S. Pain. Minehead.